Your Councillors

Mr Chris Moore – Chairman of the Parish Council and  Financial & General Purposes Committee Chairman

Mr  Graham Reader  – Vice-Chairman of The Parish  Council

Mr Roger Drinkwater – Old Friends Hall Committee Chairman
Mrs Trish Hammond – Lighting and Watching Committee Chairman
Mr Robert Pritchard – Natural Environment Committee Chairman
Mrs Jillian Carr – Community Activities Committee Chairman                                                 Mr Terry Clay – Community Building Project Chairman                                                             Mr Robert Pritchard- Safer Neighbourhood (SNAP) Representative

Mrs Julie Dear, Mrs Margaret Gilbert, Mr Martin Johnson, Mr D Lewis, Mr John McIntyre, Mr Terry Parish, Mrs Tracy Raby, Ms Joy Waldron and Mr Michael Williamson.

The Parish Council is supported by the following team

Mrs Sue Eke – Clerk
Mrs Liz Liddington – Assistant to Clerk
Mr Rodney Clements, Mr Stuart Aylmer – Parish Maintenance Officers


Cllr T Parish(1) Cllr T Clay(1) Cllr R Drinkwater(1) Cllr M L Johnson(1) Cllr M T Williamson(1)   Cllr J Carr(1)  Cllr C Moore(1)  Cllr R Pritchard

J McIntrye

M Gilbert

J Dear

C Hammond

T Hammond


G Reader

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